The Muchea West Silica Project, acquired by Carbine Resources in July 2021, is located less than a kilometre from the town of Muchea, 40 km north of Perth, adjacent to both the Moora-Kwinana rail line and the Brand Highway.  The northern extension of the Muchea West sand dune is host to the VRX Resources, Reserve and silica sand Mining Lease.

Drilling completed in 2019 has identified high purity silica sands at Muchea West with over 99.6% SiO2 and low levels of impurity (Fe2O3 and Al2O3).  The grade of the silica sand exceeds the requirements for Float and Container glass.  This unusually high grade can result, following a simple processing route, in a number of products at the premium end of the silica glass market including the ultra clear, high-tech glass market.

All necessary permissions have been obtained and the second phase of drilling will commence as soon as dry soil conditions develop after the wet season, this is expected to be in October 2021.

Environmental studies will commence shortly for drilling clearance, feasibility study work and ultimately for mining permits and approvals.

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6289 – AUSCO – High Purity Silica Sand Iron Deportment Study Final Report Rev1

Ausco Muchea Silica Sand Project Report July 2021 Final

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